Prophet TB Joshua Predict another plane crash? find out here

TB-JoshuaIt was reported that on Sunday July 15th, 2012, TB Joshua enjoined us to be prepared and expect a plane crash that will take Nigeria by storm.

According to him, if this plane crash is not averted, around 9-12 top Nigerian politicians will die.

He further revealed that the crash will happen on their way back from a conference or meeting.

They will be from nine to twelve in number and they’ll all perish.

He said the devil plans to strike them if they are all together on one flight.

According to his prediction, the solution to this looming tragedy is that all the officials should never board one flight.

NOTE: I cannot ascertain how true this is, or how this man’s prophecies work. This information has been made just for your information of what I read somewhere, and quoted at: Olufamous Blog. Feel free to add your comment on what you have to say about this below.

Nigerians should be in prayers to avert this coming disaster.

It was said that this same man predicted the previous Dana Air crash, watch a video I got from youtube about that here. http://thewilfreds.com/tb-joshua-predicted-dana-air-crash-in-lagos-nigeria-watch-video/


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