How come the coffin at UNIBEN Bursar’s office?

Question for Wilfred:

It is true there has been a serious official internal crisis in the University of Benin over the occupancy to the vacant office of the school bursar. However what I do not understand is the bizarre gist that two (2) black coffin was discovered in the office on Thursday.

My brother who school at UNIBEN told me that the coffins draped with red strip marks sandwiched by two earthen wares of sacrifice were deposited at the front gate of the official residence of the former Bursar of the University, Dr. May Ifeoma Nwoye.

Wilfred please tell us, how true is the story? Izuchukwu from Onitsha.

coffin at uniben bursar's officeThank you Izuchukwu for asking Wilfred, even though I am not a student nor Am I a staff of University of Benin, I must always have an answer, a reliable one at that.

You see the struggle for succession and survival in Nigeria is taking another form altogether. People do the most crazy things recently to get what they want in midst of their selfish reasons.

I gathered from Vanguard news report that the former bursar, Dr. Mrs May Ifeoma Nwoye was fast asleep on Thursday night around 11.00pm when some men on blacks stormed to drop the dreaded “luggage” in her gate. She hardly have noticed until neighbours called on her to action.

In her words, “I then came out to see things for myself only to behold about three black mini- coffins at my front gate.”

The lady further narrated that all efforts to alert the school security and even the police to the scene prove abortive. And hitherto, the source of the coffins are yet to be revealed.

She however added that she was not hungry to remain in office, she indicated interest to be rather retained following the strife by various people to take up the office. Ever since she made that interest known, she have always remained in threat from unknown sources.

The Issue is this:

Why must Mrs Nwoye remain the bursar? Is she the only one qualified for the post in the whole of UNIBEN? Why is she that greedy?

It is clear that she is no longer needed at UNIBEN as a second term bursar. I don’t believe her claim that the whole UNIBEN has turned against her, something is really fishy about her. She should step down, it’s no one’s birthright to remain there.

A candid statement from Wilfred, the student consultant. Q.E.D!

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