Help me Wilfred: My babe is dating another guy!

The fear of loosing our loved ones can be devastating, especially when we think the intruder is bigger than we are. Many of us has been in such situation, especially the students and the young singles, and here Wilfred writes to clear the airways and guide everyone on what to do.

Here is a message from Ayo-Akano Abdul-Hamid, [email withheld]

There is this girl we have been dating for a year. We re admitted to the same school but not same campus, this is because my school is a multi campus school. We are also in the same level…she loves me so much likewise me.

But now there is a news I’m hearing. Her friend told me secretly that there is a guy in their campus that is disturbing my gal too much and if care is not taken. She will soon accept his offer.

I thought this was a rumor until one day when I was surfing through her facebook account. I saw series of messages exchanged. O.M.G! D rumor looks real… I could even see the guy is in 300L in their campus while me and my girl are in 100L.

I think the man is bigger than me in everything a girl needs in relationship. Please Mr Wilfred. I don’t wanna lose this girl…help me how can I block her from this guy… I love her so much


Reply from Wilfred on this/similar issues:

Master Ayo, or whoever that is involved in things like this, don’t worry just listen. It doesn’t matter if your babe was snatched-off your arms by a “pick up artist”, a cultist, a bad ass guy, a son to the American’s president. I will teach you something you need to know. The content is what matters, not the container.

Firstly I condemn the idea of sharing facebook, email, etc password with your babe and accessing her accounts to know what she is doing, that is wrong. Leave her privacy alone, even when you are married!

I will totally relate an old thing to the present.

Husband kissing wifeYou gotta grasp that if you are dating a brilliant hot woman then alternative guys are getting to be constantly hitting on her. i can not walk to the toilet or go obtain a hotdog while not coming to somebody talking to my gf. Even when individuals see me together with her, after I walk away they will go and see her as a result of they in all probability see me and suppose “oh shit if she’ll opt for him she’ll of course opt for me”, however that is as a result of they are dumb-asses and do not perceive something, I feel sorry for them honestly. after they leave I raise her what they said, it is often pathetic, fake, needy douchbag stuff which may work on 6’s or 7’s.

In my expertise your girlfriend ought to such as you enough and respect you sufficient that when a man starts messaging or hitting on her she provides them a transparent message “I’m not interested and that i have a bf that is awesome”. after I see a man talking to my girlfriend as i am obtaining drinks I simply type of laugh as a result of i do know she’s talking regarding me and after I return she’ll kiss me in front of him. She will the punking on behalf of me therefore i do not even have to be compelled to. My purpose in saying all this is not to toot my horn (toot toot!) however to convey the purpose that she ought to have already handled this. you cannot fight off each guy that comes her means.

If he is hitting on her and she’s given him a transparent message she’s not interested and he is still doing it then she ought to simply block him, and if she does not then I’d suppose twice regarding what quantity this woman is value and would move from relationship standing to dating standing together with her. When she’s able to act like you are in a very relationship then you’ll revisit that.

Girls, stick to your guy, all that glitters is never gold! The roses we know, grow on the thorns. Support your guy, morally and otherwise and let them grow to become your “big boy”, you will enjoy it more when it is yours.

Always ask Wilfred when you need support. It’s free!

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