Guideline to information marketing on the internet

man_counting_moneyThe Internet we use today was basically designed for the purpose of sharing information. Any information can be promoted for free on the Internet, provided it is safe, legal and does not break national or international agreements. The Internet provides the best opportunity to offer information to a worldwide market.

One out of the best ways to share information on the Internet is to write articles, reviews and blog posts. Informational articles and reviews can be used to earn daily ad revenue or affiliate sales commission. Links to articles and reviews can be promoted and posted at social sites, in forums and on message boards where links are allowed.

 All marketing material used for promoting information on the Internet needs search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO. With careful choice and use of keywords, in every article, title and description, web content be correctly indexed. When keywords are matched to phrases used in Internet searches, information featured on any web page can get a constant stream of traffic.

Information products can be recommended in forums, and at social sites, or by sending opt-in emails. The best way to market an information product is to write a useful review of it, and to provide knowledge articles on associated topics. These can be published on a website, a blog, in an article directory or a newsletter, with a link back to the selling page or a splash page.

A splash page should be created to allow customers and potential customers to enter a name and an email address. An automatic response by email can then be followed up with further email newsletters or regular email promotions, with the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Information is easier to sell when it is presented in digital format. An information product could be a CD, DVD, an e-book or a subscription to informational newsletters. Video and audio downloads are easy to market on the Internet, and books published in electronic format can be sold to .

~ Short e-books and full-length manuals

A free e-book can be used to build an opt-in email list. A marketing e-book can be offered as a free gift, in return for a name and email address which can be used to market information available only by paying for a course or buying a complete manual.

E-book manuals and informational guides can be sold by posting marketing material on a website, in a newsletter or using an advertising campaign. The best way to market information in books or e-books is to create a niche website, or a blog on a single subject, and use this to promote affiliate links to the title or to the selling page. has its own affiliate program, and affiliate links can be used to promote any book title in print. Full length books can also be published electronically through Amazon, to be downloaded by customers from the Amazon Kindle Store.

~ Video and audio downloads

Information on video and audio can be marketed on the Internet for instant downloading. Video and audio downloads work well as free promotional content on a website or a blog. A regular subscription or a fee can be charged to allow customers access to a whole series of video downloads.

Information products are always going to be in demand, and it is possible to market any form of information on the Internet, using blogs and websites, article directories, forums and social networking. These are all highly effective free marketing methods, which can be used in addition to paid ad campaigns and opt-in email systems.

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