Another girl beaten, molested, stripped naked over Blackberry theft

Picture_of_the_girl_who_stole_BlackberryThis news is everywhere in town that a girl was caught, molested, beaten and even stripped naked for an alleged blackberry theft. Yes the girl in question apparently stole a blackberry phone, though she didn’t succeed.

I am not writing to inform you about it because you already heard or read it several places before now, I write to put a question across to well meaning Nigerians. I could remember what Christ told the Adulterous Woman (John Chapter 8:1-30), he never condemned her, he forgave her.

Talking from the legal point of view, is it wise to brutalize a thief? Or molest a girl by touching her private part because she was caught in the act? This girl in question was beaten, and stripped naked by touts. That reminds me of the killings in the South East few years ago. These killings have really given Nigeria a bad image abroad.

The Discussion

Let us be civic, say your mind about the issue at stake. Is it the best thing to do when somebody is caught stealing? Drop your comment below let’s treat the case together.

4 thoughts on “Another girl beaten, molested, stripped naked over Blackberry theft”

  1. Beatn, stripin & molestın ha ısn’t d rit optıon 2select coz al dız wudn’t change anıtın 4 d ‘EKWE-EKWE’S’. U cn’t tel mi dat al doz dat cntrıbutd ın d actıonz al al ınnocent! No most of dem aren’t anı beta dan d culprıt. Itz jst dat dey ‘v nt bın caught yet. 4sur wı al mak mıstaks ın lyf & woteva tın ıt ıs, wı ‘ll stıl b 4gvn ıf ıtz by nobody bt by God. D polıce statıon ıs nt 4 exmaz decoratıon, datz wer d case shud b settld. She ‘ll stıl get marrıed & al dız we ‘ll b echeod as d past. She mıt evn b d futur wıf of 1 of doez guyz. It’s written judge nt dat u may nt b judged…

  2. Wel.bitin a thief i c it 2 b d best way,cos when he or she c d pain or would he or she would do any tin dat wit bring such 4 d gal, i dnt suport nakenin her.

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