How To Help A Friend In Stress – 5 CLUES

The truth is we all feel overwhelmed sometimes, we do have bad days, weeks and even months. Should you meet your close one in such a situation, here’s suggestions on how to help a friend in stress.

Stress is that feeling people resort to when things are rough, it could be emotional, financial, spiritual, academic, etc. And this could happen to anyone – young and old.


When it comes, people feel sad, intense and out of control. Could you imagine how people manage this feeling? Well they either try to contain it themselves or talk to friends. Now I’ll teach you how to not only contain it when you feel stressed, but how to help others as well.

How People React To Stress & Problems

Failure in an examination, a fight with a friend, an argument with a parent, or brwak-up in a relationship can all be upsetting. Many things that cause problems are beyond our control: parents divorcing, a family moving away, the death of someone close to us, or family financial problems. We all know someone who has broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, feared pregnancy, gotten in trouble with the law, or felt utterly deserted and alone.

There are three basic ways of reacting to the problem:

1. You can get angry – scream, shout, throw things, start a fight, or go on a rampage.

2. You can withdraw – take a drink, shut up in a room, take a pill, daydream, stop talking to everyone.

3. You can take charge – think out the problem, try to find a solution, ask for help, or work for change.

How to help a friend in stress

1. Try as much as you can to take the problem seriously. Even if the problem doesn’t seem really important to you, it may be important to the bearer. Things may be piling up. Show them you understand.

2. Don’t put them down. It doesn’t help to say, “Things will be better tomorrow” or “Keep your chin up!” Their problem is real to them.

3. Encourage them to talk to other people as well as to you. Offer to go along with them to talk with some adult friend they can trust.

4. Offer to join the person in some activity they normally enjoy. They need a chance to have some fun and get their mind cleared.

5. Let them know you care. They may try to put you off. Stay in touch. Reach out. Invite them to do things with you. Don’t force them to be cheerful. Stick with them.

Remember CLUES – Five Action Steps to Help a Stressed Person

C -Connect: Make contact. Reach out, talk to them. Notice their pain.
L -Listen: Take the time and really pay attention. You don’t have to have all the answers. Just listen.
U -Understand: Nod, pay attention, let them know you appreciate what they are going through.
E -Express Concern: Say that you care, you are worried, and you want to be helpful.
S -Seek Help: Tell them you want to go with them to talk to a third person, preferably an adult with experience and the ability to help.

In summary, don’t agree to be secretive, harsh or too mean. Enlarge the circle of support and work harder to be a good friend.

Solution To Unemployment: How You Can Help Yourself

It can be disheartening, humiliating and boring to see an educated, skillful, energetic and willing fellow out of a gainfully salaried job. I have chosen to write on solution to unemployment today so as to proffer some possible means of helping oneself when trapped in such a miserable state of joblessness. This menace comes with depression, making one feel unfit, but it has a positive side too. Yes Unemployment means that you have the freedom now more than ever before to pursue your ideal career. You will have plenty of time at your disposal to get yourself prepared for the next phase of your career and future new jobs. I have a lot to say here, but first of; let’s define this social problem.


What is unemployment by the way?

Whilst those in phonetic pronounce it as /ʌnɪmˈplɔɪm(ə)nt,-ɛm-/, unemployment could be defined in many ways of which I’m going to chose at least 4 different, but simple approaches to help you understand in a naught shell.

First the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary pictured it as “state of being without a paid job”.

To the Economist, “Unemployment is an economic indicator that refers to the number or proportion of people in an economy who are willing and able to work, but are unable to get a job; a person in this situation is said to be unemployed.”

Almighty Wikipedia recorded it as “Unemployment (or joblessness) occurs when people are without work and actively seeking work.”

Investopedia added that “Unemployment is defined as a situation where someone of working age is not able to get a job but would like to be in full time employment.

Well which ever of these and even more of others are correct, provided someone somewhere is able, willing to but have no job. In some critical situations, one who is seated in an underpaid job may be seen as unemployed. So when next you are unemployed you get to decide the direction you want to go, whatever you decide, the most important decision to make is to avoid feeling depressed about your current employment status. And just in case you are seated at home complaining (without necessarily seeking for jobs), sorry you are not regarded as unemployed.

Unemployment in global news

It is a global issue as developed, developing, undeveloped and underdeveloped nations of the world are experiencing it. As evidence that even developed nations of the world are “combating” with unemployment, in December 2013, an estimate of 6.7 per cent Americans were unemployed.

In 2012, International Labour Organization, an organization that takes statistics of both the employed and unemployed in the world, stated that about 6% of the world population is unemployed and that the most unemployed are the youths. According to the same organization, about 73.4 million youths were unemployed in 2013.

A news publication company, Vanguard online news, reported on May 19, 2014, that estimated of 60 million Nigerians are unemployed. World Bank Data in 2010 put poverty level among Nigerian citizens as 46% of the nation’s population, and this can be caused by unemployment in the country. Nigeria has population of 168.8 million in 2012 (World Bank Data).

What Courses Unemployment?

Lot’s of you will be tempted to attribute all causes of unemployment to the government, but is that truly the case? Well I beg to disagree with you! Let’s be plain about this, journey to life is a race someone for himself. While I do not over rule the fact that government have several roles to play in combating unemployment, permit me to list the causes as

  • Little, Poor or no education (individual)
  • Lack or no useful skill (individual)
  • Poor moral (individual)
  • Poor Planning (individual and government)
  • Fraud and corruption (the society)
  • War/crisis (society and nature)
  • Laziness (individual)
  • Little or no mechanization (individual and government)
  • etc.

NOTE: (individual) above refers to YOU, and that shows it’s all about you – not government! Well let’s count the solutions.

Solution To Unemployment: How to manage it

1. Don’t be desperate

You need not be desperate, patience is the king. While you are sending rains of resumes to every job vanacies, bite your finger with anticipation and take things easy. Relax, think about nothing. Listen to the sounds of life going around you despite the curiosity of not working. Sure enough, employers will start to respond.

2. Update your resume, yourself

Staying unemployed for long means you have not worked for awhile, and thus your resume may have been out-dated and your skills near obsolete. Take some time and equip yourself, then update your resume because job is on the way!

3. Stay Informed

Several job adverts come handy as days unfold, so don’t lie fallow in your room doing nothing. Mix up, make useful friends and keep your ears open for information regarding jobs. Don’t forget that networking rules!

4. Don’t just search for any job, set  a goal

If you do not have a job search plan, you can easily end without accomplishing anything. Make a list of of goals for everyday and tick them off  when accomplished. It would boost your self esteem, help you to stay on the track, and shorten the period of unemployment because you are focused.

5. Stay Positive, stay on the move!

Your attitude is critical to job success. Avoid negative people, places and things that would pull you back. Make it a daily choice to be positive and it will become a habit. A great attitude will guide you through the bumpy road ahead.

Staying back in the house can reinforce isolation that comes with unemployment. Wake up at usual time, do your normal house chores, get dressed and get moving. Make a daily schedule for your job search.

…And the next thing is: Congratulations you are hired :)

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List Of Visa Free Countries For Nigerian Passport Holders 2014

Guy with Nigerian passport

It is the wish of every average Nigerian to travel outside the shores of his country and make a good living. While you plan, here is a list Of Visa Free Countries For Nigerian Passport Holders 2014. This article will guide you make a decision on the countries you can visit/live without demands for visa. in other words, you can travel to any of these countries listed below so long as you have flight fare and with no criminal record.


There is a mutual Bilateral ties with Nigeria and Bangladesh that enable Nigerian Passport Holders to get their visa on arrival.


With a Nigerian Passport, you are allowed to live in Barbados for at least six months free.

Benin Republic

The neighboring West African state made her coexistence with Nigeria easier with Free Visa, as instituted by Economic community of West African States. (Ecowas)

Burkina Faso

This African brothers got it together here by making “Entry” to Burkina Faso for Nigerian Passport Holders Free.


Burundi offers Nigerians a 30 days visa on arrival at Bujumbura international Airport.


The Ecowas objective has enabled ‘free entry’ between Nigeria and Cameroon, the Border Brothers can move freely.

Cape Verde

The western African Portuguese colony has enabled Nigerian Passport holders visa free entry. And it’s Visa free all the way for Cape Verdean Passport holders to Nigeria.


Chad is one of the African countries that a Nigerian does not need a visa for. It’s totally free.


The South East African Islands Have gone beyond surrounding countries like Tanzania, Seychelles, Mozambique and Madagascar to extend a free Visa Entry to Nigeria.

Cote d’Ivoire

Cote d’Ivoire or Ivory Coast is another African country bonded by the rules of Ecowas, which means; Nigerians have got free Visa Entry.


The north Africans issue Nigerian Passport holders Visa on Arrival.


Commonwealth has brought Nigeria and Dominica to a common ground. This Carribean country offers Nigerians Free Entry Visa for 21 days.


This Oceania country is said to have one of the most developed economies in the Pacific. The good news to the Nigerian Passport holders is that; they can get to Fiji on 4 free Visa months.

The Gambia

Nigerian passport holders have got 90 days free Visa entry to their fellow African country Gambia.


The Western African Brothers have a lot in common; one of them is movement. Nigerians don’t need visas to get to Ghana, and Ghanaians don’t need visas for Nigeria.


The West African Francophone Country, sometimes called Guinea Conakry is a member of the Ecowas, Which gives Nigerians the right of Visa free Entry.

Guinea Bissau

The Portuguese colony is a member of Ecowas: Which means that Guinea is being governed by the freedom of movement rule among the member states. And that gives Nigerians the right of free Visa entry, but for 90 days.


The Carribean country has sought ways to expand bilateral ties with her Ancestry African countries. Nigerians thus, have 3 months visa free entry to Haiti.


Iran offers Nigerian Passport holders: Visa on Arrival.


In kenya, Nigerians get Visa on arrival. For Nigerian citizens living in Nigeria; it’s 90 days free Visa Entry.


Nigerians don’t need Visa to visit Liberia.


Nigerians get Visa on arrival in Madagascar for 90 days.


Nigeria and Maldives ties have reached a height that enabled Nigerians Port Entry Visa for 30 days. (Both are Commonwealth Members)


Nigerian Passport holders don’t need visa to visit Mali.


Mauritania offers Nigerians Visa on arrival.


Nigerians get Visa free Entry to Mauritius for 90 days.


In Micronesia, Nigerians get free Visa entry for 30 days.


The South and West African countries have a deal that enables Nigerians visiting Mozambique Visa on arrival for 30 days.


In Nauru, Nigerians get Visa on arrival.


The African neighbors have free movement in common, Nigerians don’t need Visa for Niger.


In Palau, Nigerian Passport holders get Visa on Arrival.


Nigerians get Entry Permit on Arrival In Samoa for 60 days.


The West African Brothers got their movement at ease with the Ecowas Rule that allows free movement in member states.


Visa Permit is issued to Nigerians on arrival at Seychelles for 1 month.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is another West African Country that practices what is obtainable among Ecowas states- Freedom of Movement.


Nigerians get Visa on Arrival in Somalia for 30 days.

Sri Lanka

Nigerian Passport holders traveling to Sri Lanka will need “Electronic Travel Authorization” that will enable their 30 days stay.


Nigerians get Visa on arrival at Tanzania.


Timor-Leste offers Nigerians Visa on Arrival- 30 days


Nigerians don’t need Visa to visit Togo since it’s a Western African State.


Nigerians get their Visa on Arrival at Tuvalu- 1 month.


Uganda offers Nigerians Visa on Arrival.


Vanuatu offers Nigerian Passport holders free Visa Entry- 30 days.

Whilst I made effort to compile this list of Visa Free Countries For Nigerian Passport holders 2014, I advise that intending travelers make further inquires from respective Embassies of countries of interest before setting off. This is to get more information on how best to request for Visa. Again check if the country is Ebola Free!

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How To Increase Personal Savings: Enlarge Your Purse!

For the sake of clarity I’ll make this article short, but rich. This is not a cock and bull story, its about how to increase personal savings and help save your purse from getting lean. The problem that your bank account is near emptiness now is not that you don’t make money, rather its because you save less.

So I have this friend who think that money is the root of all evil, and I will but leave you with a question if you think a’such. Have you ever asked what is the root of all money? Well the answer is simple -Savings! Your financial base increases right from where your personal savings exceed your means. Let’s talk about it. And I hope you have a savings account in the bank, else see [ Things to consider while opening your first bank account].

 According to Wikipedia, personal savings may be defined as:
income not spent, or deferred consumption. Methods of saving include putting money aside in, for example, a deposit account, a pension account, an investment fund, or as cash.
It is obvious therefore from the above that spending your whole monthly earning on food, clothing, gadgets, etc is not the way to save. To help you have a good grasp of what I have to teach you here, let’s count 5 ways to not only make money – but save it.
 personal savings

1. Pay Yourself First

The number one step to improve your personal savings is making sure there’s something for YOU each time you earn. A fair share of all you earn is yours to keep, so pay yourself first by setting aside some not less than 10 percentage for the rainy days. Feel free to think of the little you pay yourself as a seed, of course a seed planter often expect harvest. When you eventually start paying yourself, set the target for the money you are saving, bear in mind that:

  • your saving must not be less than 10% of your earnings, but may be more than 10% if you can afford it
  • you must not touch the money no matter the situations you find yourself
  • you must not touch the money if you have no useful means of investing it
  • touch the money only when you have profitable business you want to invest in – else you will pull up your tree of wealth from the root
  • never stop paying yourself -its like robbing Peter to pay Paul

2. Close the Loop Holes

Let me remind you that toiling to make more money and not paying yourself from the little you have earned is like cheating yourself, I feel I have taken care of that in (1) above, but just in case you forgot -always pay yourself first!

Now spending all you have in personal savings is a pocket drought that come in when you spend all you make in a given time period without setting some aside for yourself, please cut down your spending. Do a very feasible scale of preference, prioritize your needs according to their importance or usefulness. It is better to deprive yourself of little things now than deprive yourself of a blossom future. Let the amount you spend be within the remaining 80% left (10% for your payment, 10% for tithe) till another amount comes in. This may be difficult at first, but as time goes on you will fit in pretty good.

Do you find it difficult to imbibe the saving attitude? Well, in case you forgot  Adaptation is still one of the characteristics of all living things – that didn’t end in your Biology class! Feel free to read: [ How to manage your finances and save money as a student – well that’s if you need to].

3. Now Put Your Money At Work

Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws that govern its acquisition, money sitting in the bank or your personal saving box at home is jobless – set it working for you! To make sure you help save your money from obesity, invest it. But Wilfred how do I invest? Invest your money in businesses that are profitable – either by investing in other peoples’ business, companies or reinvesting it your own personal business. Make sure your savings don’t just sit idle in your save or bank account (excepts it returns tangible interest in that bank).

4. Protect Investments

The money in your purse, bank account or the one you invested in (3) above is precious and ought to be protected. “Misfortune likes a shinning mark, so guard your Gold with utmost care.” Don’t just invest, invest wisely and then monitor your investments. Recall when I referred to your savings as seeds. A sower doesn’t just sow, he also monitors the field – so should you.

5. Be Your Landlord

I sincerely hope the roof you are sitting under is yours, but if I’m wrong then you had better put it in plan. You gather more treasures when you have your own store – so build your own home. Each time you pay rent, see yourself as emptying your purse into that of a man called your Landlord, Landlady – or whatever you call it.

I am hoping so well that these five points will always remain fresh in your memory as you thread the paths to success. Let me remind you that “Your ability to learn affects your ability to earn”, two things will make a man to stop learning:

  1. old age; no matter the age you stop learning be it at age 80 or 20, it means you are old
  2. tired of leading: anyone who stops learning is simply tired of being head i.e he or she is tired of leading

If you are not too old or tired of leading, then you must not get tired of reading and learning. Learn more to earn more.


THE POTENTIAL: Realising Limits to survival

THE POTENTIAL: Realising Limits to survival

It was the best of times. His luck could not have been better. Yes, he was in debt, but that day he recouped his losses. That day he had made 25 000 from betting at the casino. That day, he only needed 25 000 more and his debt would be no more. There was no need to debate the issue. All he had to do was visit the casino again the next day and win some more.

Then it was the worst of times. For the next day, he left the casino the way he’d gone in the previous day: drained of both hope and money. Or not quite so. The previous morning he was hopeful he could pay his debt, the previous night he was convinced he could. And now he was certain he couldn’t. He was right where he started out. He had had potential, had had energy, and it had ruined him.

Potential energy is that which an object possesses by virtue of its location or position. Everything on Earth has potential, yes, everyone. And oftentimes the problem is not whether or not the potential is harnessed, or how much of it is; oftentimes, the problem is how it is harnessed.

The problem is stopping. It is so easy to get carried away, to focus on the hopes and dreams and best case scenarios, to expect the good times to never end. But they do.

Newton had observed that a body continued with uniform speed in a straight line unless acted upon by a force. Yes, everything that goes up eventually comes down- even age. And yes, every now and then one has to apply the breaks or risk loss of control and eventual collision- and possibly death. Yes, it is when the road is smooth that one risks skidding- yet they are few who bank their paths, who keep on the bank and in the bank.

Put another way, the higher U go, the greater Ur potential energy relative to the earth (E = m.g.h); something not undesired. However, the higher U go, the greater Ur centre of gravity- and Ur chances of falling, of floating off into space, and of catching fire (for the higher U go the hotter it ultimately becomes); something not desired.

Hence the aim is to realise how far one can safely go and stay within it. Yes, it is good to take risks and multitask. But not beyond one’s carrying capacity, not beyond one’s resources, and definitely not beyond one’s intellect. Potential is the energy per unit charge; put in so many charges and Ur potential becomes infinitesimal- however infinite Ur energy.

And perhaps the best way to stay within one’s limits is to MIND YOUR BUSINESS. For potential makes and breaks, heals and kills, lifts and plunges.

You see, if any man would focus on his objectives and ignore every other thing, he would not only succeed, he would enjoy. And as always, I shall give further examples. But in the next article: The POTENTIAL: Minding your Own Business.

Sent in by: Ayk Fowosire.


Facebook buys WhatsApp: CEO Mark Zuckerberg gives explanations

Facebook, on Thursday, agreed to buy mobile messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion, making it the company’s largest acquisition. As per the terms and conditions of the deal, all 55 employees of WhatsApp including its founders will be granted restricted stock worth $3 billion that will vest over four years after the deal closes.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Wall, explaining why he bought WhatsApp.
The text of the letter is given below:

I’m excited to announce that we’ve agreed to acquire WhatsApp and that their entire team will be joining us at Facebook.

Our mission is to make the world more open and connected. We do this by building services that help people share any type of content with any group of people they want. WhatsApp will help us do this by continuing to develop a service that people around the world love to use every day.

WhatsApp is a simple, fast and reliable mobile messaging service that is used by over 450 million people on every major mobile platform. More than 1 million people sign up for WhatsApp every day and it is on its way to connecting one billion people. More and more people rely on WhatsApp to communicate with all of their contacts every day.

WhatsApp will continue to operate independently within Facebook. The product roadmap will remain unchanged and the team is going to stay in Mountain View. Over the next few years, we’re going to work hard to help WhatsApp grow and connect the whole world. We also expect that WhatsApp will add to our efforts, our partnership to make basic internet services affordable for everyone.

WhatsApp will complement our existing chat and messaging services to provide new tools for our community. Facebook Messenger is widely used for chatting with your Facebook friends, and WhatsApp for communicating with all of your contacts and small groups of people. Since WhatsApp and Messenger serve such different and important uses, we will continue investing in both and making them each great products for everyone.

WhatsApp had every option in the world, so I’m thrilled that they chose to work with us. I’m looking forward to what Facebook and WhatsApp can do together, and to developing great new mobile services that give people even more options for connecting.

I’ve also known Jan for a long time, and I know that we both share the vision of making the world more open and connected. I’m particularly happy that Jan has agreed to join the Facebook board and partner with me to shape Facebook’s future as well as WhatsApp’s.

Jan and the WhatsApp team have done some amazing work to connect almost half a billion people. I can’t wait for them to join Facebook and help us connect the rest of the world.

If you were the owner of Whatapp, would you have agreed to sell your company with over 450 million users at $19bn?

Who said money doesn’t talk? Then see Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Buys Up 4 Properties Near His Home

Workers’ Motivation: FG Launches N28.6bn For Health Finance

The Federal Government has launched a $171.5 million project (nearly N28.6 billion) to finance health that will see states, councils, hospitals and health workers get paid for delivering results.

Funding for the National State Health Investment Project to last five years is made possible due to 150 million from the World Bank and $21.5 million from Britain and Norway.
NSHIP, the new performance-based financing model for health, hopes to pay incentives on basis of targets as proportion of children fully immunized, number of births attended by skilled health providers, number of outpatient visits by children aged under five, proportion of project beneficiaries who are female, and how health facility scores on average quality of care.

Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu said the project under pilot in Nasarawa, Ondo and Adamawa targets making “every stakeholder a shareholder.”
“It shows health services can be made responsive to the health needs of people,” he noted at the launch of NSHIP in Abuja recently.
The three states were chosen for the project in hope of reaching a target population of 9.4 million people, according to the World Bank, but the project could roll out nationwide in future.

The bank’s country director for Nigeria, Marie Francoise Marie-Nelly said the states are “leading the way for others, using performance management techniques and increased incentives to health workers to boost the quality and uptake of health services.”
She said the states could show “how public money can be invested more smartly” to get closer to the Millennium Development Goals.

The pilot NSHIP saw some 6,500 children fully immunized, 11,600 deliveries in facilities and more than 205,000 outpatient visits.

On account of the pilot, uptake of family planning in Adamawa State increased from under one percent to more than 40%, said Jalil Abdullahi, chairman of Adamawa’s primary healthcare development agency.

Dayo Adeyotun, Health Commissioner for Ondo, which pioneered a project that budgeted N5,000 per woman in health care cost from pregnancy to delivery, said NSHIP was about migrating from “input financing to output,” calling it the “only way there can be support for performance.”
“We have been talking about input, input, input, but not about getting results,” said Janet Akpaso, Executive Director for Nasarawa State primary health care development agency.

Senate Confirms Names of 11 Ministerial Nominees

The Senate has Tuesday confirmed 11 of the ministerial nominees  forwarded  to the legislature  by  president Goodluck Jonathan.

The confirmed nominees include Senator Musiliu Obanikoro from Lagos state, former House leader Mohammed Wakil from Borno,  Ambassdor Aminu Wali from Kano, Mrs. Akon Etim Eyakenyi from Akwa Ibom, Mrs. Lawrencia Labaran Mallam from Kaduna, General Mohammed Aliyu Gusau (rtd) from Zamfara state among others.

However,nominee  Hajiya Jamila Salik from Kano state was not confirmed as the presidency has droped her.

Details later…